Welcome to DragonflyPix.com.

We are a small, independent company which makes and sells art photographs of European and Australian dragonflies and damselflies.

Whether you're looking to buy some of our beautiful photographs, or are interested in a specific species, or simply curious to learn a bit more about dragonflies and damselflies in general, you're very welcome to our site and we hope you'll enjoy browsing it. A word of warning: if you were hoping to see Flash intros, animations, pop-ups or any other bells and whistles, or indeed advertising and product endorsements, you will probably be disappointed - there are none. We firmly believe the quality of our site should lie in the quality of our photographs and we hope you agree. If you do and would like to help us sustain our efforts, please do order one or more of our photographs. We have a long way to go yet and do need your support.

Our website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher (click here if you would like to check your current screen resolution). It contains thumbnails and small-sized versions of our photographs. Do feel free to download those small versions (they're up to 1050 x 700 pixels) but please don't distribute them to any third party, modify them in any way or publish them on any other website (or by any other means) without our prior written permission. The same applies to our text contents: they too are copyright-protected and must not be distributed, published elsewhere, etc. without our prior permission.

Full-sized soft copies and prints can be ordered through this website at reasonable prices, which include free worldwide shipping.

You can bookmark our website by clicking here; we update our site regularly and typically add new photographs with each update.



"The creators of this site have produced several hundreds of very good photographs
(most taken in Italy) which are available for purchase as high-quality prints.
The photos can be viewed online freely and include many UK species."
British Dragonfly Society website