Area Checklists

The excellent Atlas of the European Dragonflies and Damselflies (Boudot & Kalkman (eds), 2015) divides Europe into 52 distinct areas, whereby each area corresponds to a country or part of a country. To see the checklist of the damselfly and dragonfly species for a particular area, please click on its name in the list below.

Note: Checklists and distribution maps are of course bound to change over time. If you notice any missing species from the checklist for your area, please do email us at with the new information. We will then update the relevant checklist as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

Note: Since the publication of the Atlas in 2015 the following new country records have been published in the literature (and/or on reliable internet sources) and have now been incorporated into our area checklists and distribution maps:

Note also that Western Willow Spreadwing (Chalcolestes viridis) has been removed from the area Russian Federation: mainland.

We would like to thank Jean-Pierre Boudot for kindly providing us with the above information.

1Albania: 58 species
2Andorra: 18 species
3Austria: 78 species
4Belarus: 64 species
5Belgium: 71 species
6Bosnia Herzegovina: 63 species
7Bulgaria: 71 species
8Croatia: 68 species
9Cyprus: 37 species
10Czech Republic: 72 species
11Denmark: 59 species
12Estonia: 57 species
13Finland: 62 species
14France: mainland: 89 species
15France: Corsica: 48 species
16Germany: 81 species
17Greece: 77 species
18Greece: Crete: 35 species
19Hungary: 66 species
20Iceland: 1 species
21Ireland: 32 species
22Italy: mainland: 89 species
23Italy: Sardinia: 43 species
24Italy: Sicily: 57 species
25Latvia: 60 species
26Lithuania: 66 species
27Luxembourg: 62 species
28Macedonia: 63 species
29Malta: 19 species
30Moldova: 35 species
31Montenegro: 67 species
32Netherlands: 71 species
33Norway: 48 species
34Poland: 74 species
35Portugal: mainland: 65 species
36Portugal: Azores: 5 species
37Portugal: Madeira: 6 species
38Romania: 71 species
39Russian Federation: mainland: 84 species
40Russian Federation: Kaliningrad: 60 species
41Serbia: 63 species
42Slovakia: 69 species
43Slovenia: 72 species
44Spain: 79 species
45Spain: Baleares: 27 species
46Spain: Canary Islands: 13 species
47Sweden: 64 species
48Switzerland: 77 species
49Turkey in Europe: 56 species
50Ukraine: 74 species
51United Kingdom: Great Britain: 54 species
52United Kingdom: Northern Ireland: 22 species