Checklist Australian Damselflies and Dragonflies

The checklist below is based on the CSIRO publication The Complete Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Australia (Theischinger and Hawking, 2006). It is the most up-to-date and comprehensive field guide on Australian odonates on the market and provides detailed descriptions of both adults and larvae for the 320 or so Australian species.

To date we have photographed 108 Australian species. Click on their names (formatted as dark red in the list below) to see our photographs.

As of December 2009 a new identification guide (written by Gunther Theischinger and Ian Endersby and published by the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water NSW) is available in PDF format; see Identification Guide to the Australian Odonata. Apart from detailed identification keys and distribution maps this PDF also contains a revised checklist. With the authors' permission we have incorporated some of the revisions in our checklist below.

Note: The second edition of The Complete Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Australia is due to be published later this year. This new edition will include the following four recently discovered species:

We would like to thank Dr. Gunther Theischinger for providing us with the above information.

#SuborderFamilySpeciesCommon Name
1ZygopteraLestidaeAustrolestes aleison Watson & Moulds, 1979 PreviewpreviewWestern Ringtail
2  Austrolestes analis (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewSlender Ringtail
3  Austrolestes annulosus (Selys, 1862) PreviewpreviewBlue Ringtail
4  Austrolestes aridus (Tillyard, 1908)Inland Ringtail
5  Austrolestes cingulatus (Burmeister, 1839) PreviewpreviewMetallic Ringtail
6  Austrolestes insularis Tillyard, 1913Northern Ringtail
7  Austrolestes io (Selys, 1862) PreviewpreviewIota Ringtail
8  Austrolestes leda (Selys, 1862) PreviewpreviewWandering Ringtail
9  Austrolestes minjerriba Watson, 1979Dune Ringtail
10  Austrolestes psyche (Hagen, 1862) PreviewpreviewCup Ringtail
11  Indolestes alleni (Tillyard, 1913)Small Reedling
12  Indolestes obiri Watson, 1979Cave Reedling
13  Indolestes tenuissimus (Tillyard, 1906)Slender Reedling
14  Lestes concinnus Hagen, 1862Dusky Spreadwing
15 HemiphlebiidaeHemiphlebia mirabilis Selys, 1869 PreviewpreviewAncient Greenling
16 ChorismagrionidaeChorismagrion risi Morton, 1914Pretty Relict
17 SynlestidaeEpisynlestes albicauda (Tillyard, 1913)Southern Whitetip
18  Episynlestes cristatus Watson & Moulds, 1977Tropical Whitetip
19  Episynlestes intermedius Theischinger & Watson, 1985Intermediate Whitetip
20  Synlestes selysi Tillyard, 1917Forest Needle
21  Synlestes tropicus Tillyard, 1917Tropical Needle
22  Synlestes weyersii Selys, 1869 PreviewpreviewBronze Needle
23 MegapodagrionidaeArchiargiolestes parvulus (Watson, 1977)Midget Flatwing
24  Archiargiolestes pusillissimus Kennedy, 1925 PreviewpreviewTiny Flatwing
25  Archiargiolestes pusillus (Tillyard, 1908) PreviewpreviewLittle Flatwing
26  Austroargiolestes alpinus (Tillyard, 1913)New England Flatwing
27  Austroargiolestes amabilis Förster, 1899 PreviewpreviewFlame Flatwing
28  Austroargiolestes aureus (Tillyard, 1906)Tropical Flatwing
29  Austroargiolestes brookhousei Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986Barrington Flatwing
30  Austroargiolestes calcaris (Fraser, 1958) PreviewpreviewPowdered Flatwing
31  Austroargiolestes christine Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986Milky Flatwing
32  Austroargiolestes chrysoides (Tillyard, 1913)Golden Flatwing
33  Austroargiolestes elke Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986Azure Flatwing
34  Austroargiolestes icteromelas (Selys, 1862) PreviewpreviewCommon Flatwing
35  Austroargiolestes isabellae Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986 PreviewpreviewSydney Flatwing
36  Griseargiolestes albescens (Tillyard, 1913)Coastal Flatwing
37  Griseargiolestes bucki Theischinger, 1998Turquoise Flatwing
38  Griseargiolestes eboracus (Tillyard, 1913) PreviewpreviewGrey-Chested Flatwing
39  Griseargiolestes fontanus (Tillyard, 1913)Springs Flatwing
40  Griseargiolestes griseus (Hagen, 1862) PreviewpreviewGrey Flatwing
41  Griseargiolestes intermedius (Tillyard, 1913)Alpine Flatwing
42  Griseargiolestes metallicus Sjöstedt, 1917Metallic Flatwing
43  Miniargiolestes minimus (Tillyard, 1908) PreviewpreviewStream Flatwing
44  Podopteryx selysi Förster, 1899Treehole Flatwing
45 ChlorocyphidaeRhinocypha tincta semitincta Selys, 1869Papuan Jewel
46 CalopterygidaeNeurobasis australis Selys, 1897Papuan Demoiselle
47 LestoideidaeLestoidea barbarae Watson, 1967Large Bluestreak
48  Lestoidea brevicauda Theischinger, 1996Short-Tipped Bluestreak
49  Lestoidea conjuncta Tillyard, 1913Common Bluestreak
50  Lestoidea lewisiana Theischinger, 1996Mount Lewis Bluestreak
51 DiphlebiidaeDiphlebia coerulescens Tillyard, 1913 PreviewpreviewSapphire Rockmaster
52  Diphlebia euphoeoides Tillyard, 1907 PreviewpreviewTropical Rockmaster
53  Diphlebia hybridoides Tillyard, 1912Giant Rockmaster
54  Diphlebia lestoides (Selys, 1853) PreviewpreviewWhitewater Rockmaster
55  Diphlebia nymphoides Tillyard, 1912 PreviewpreviewArrowhead Rockmaster
56 IsostictidaeAustrosticta fieldi Tillyard, 1908Northern Pondsitter
57  Austrosticta frater Theischinger, 1997Eastern Pondsitter
58  Austrosticta soror Sjöstedt, 1917Kimberley Pondsitter
59  Eurysticta coolawanyah Watson, 1969Pilbara Pin
60  Eurysticta coomalie Watson, 1991Coomalie Pin
61  Eurysticta kununurra Watson, 1991Kimberley Pin
62  Eurysticta reevesi Theischinger, 2001Queensland Pin
63  Labidiosticta vallisi (Fraser, 1955)Large Wiretail
64  Lithosticta macra Watson, 1991Rock Narrow-Wing
65  Neosticta canescens Tillyard, 1913 PreviewpreviewSouthern Pinfly
66  Neosticta fraseri Watson, 1991Tropical Pinfly
67  Neosticta silvarum Sjöstedt, 1917Forest Pinfly
68  Oristicta filicicola Tillyard, 1913Slender Wiretail
69  Oristicta rosendaleorum Burwell & Theischinger, 2017Elegant Wiretail
70  Rhadinosticta banksi (Tillyard, 1913)Northern Wiretail
71  Rhadinosticta simplex (Martin, 1901) PreviewpreviewPowdered Wiretail
72 DisparoneurinaeNososticta baroalba Watson & Theischinger, 1984Black-Winged Threadtail
73  Nososticta coelestina (Tillyard, 1906)Green-Blue Threadtail
74  Nososticta fraterna (Lieftinck, 1933)Northern Threadtail
75  Nososticta kalumburu Watson & Theischinger, 1984Spot-Winged Threadtail
76  Nososticta koolpinyah Watson & Theischinger, 1984Koolpinyah Threadtail
77  Nososticta koongarra Watson & Theischinger, 1984Citrine Threadtail
78  Nososticta liveringa Watson & Theischinger, 1984 PreviewpreviewMalachite Threadtail
79  Nososticta mouldsi Theischinger, 2000Striped Threadtail
80  Nososticta pilbara Watson, 1969 PreviewpreviewPilbara Threadtail
81  Nososticta solida (Hagen, 1860) PreviewpreviewOrange Threadtail
82  Nososticta solitaria (Tillyard, 1906) PreviewpreviewFivespot Threadtail
83  Nososticta taracumbi Watson & Theischinger, 1984Melville Island Threadtail
84 CoenagrionidaeAciagrion fragile (Tillyard, 1906)Blue Slim
85  Agriocnemis argentea Tillyard, 1906 PreviewpreviewSilver Wisp
86  Agriocnemis dobsoni Fraser, 1954Tropical Wisp
87  Agriocnemis femina (Brauer, 1868)Pinhead Wisp
88  Agriocnemis kunjina Watson, 1969 PreviewpreviewPilbara Wisp
89  Agriocnemis pygmaea (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewPygmy Wisp
90  Agriocnemis rubricauda Tillyard, 1913Red-Rumped Wisp
91  Archibasis mimetes (Tillyard, 1913)Blue-Banded Longtail
92  Argiocnemis rubescens Selys, 1877Red-Tipped Shadefly
93  Austroagrion cyane (Selys, 1876) PreviewpreviewSouth-Western Billabongfly
94  Austroagrion exclamationis Campion, 1915Northern Billabongfly
95  Austroagrion pindrina Watson, 1969 PreviewpreviewPilbara Billabongfly
96  Austroagrion watsoni Lieftinck, 1982 PreviewpreviewEastern Billabongfly
97  Austrocnemis maccullochi (Tillyard, 1926)Tiny Longlegs
98  Austrocnemis obscura Theischinger & Watson, 1991Kimberley Longlegs
99  Austrocnemis splendida (Martin, 1901) PreviewpreviewSplendid Longlegs
100  Caliagrion billinghursti (Martin, 1901)Large Riverdamsel
101  Ceriagrion aeruginosum (Brauer, 1869) PreviewpreviewRedtail
102  Coenagrion lyelli (Tillyard, 1913)Swamp Bluet
103  Ischnura aurora (Brauer, 1865) PreviewpreviewAurora Bluetail
104  Ischnura heterosticta (Burmeister, 1839) PreviewpreviewCommon Bluetail
105  Ischnura pruinescens (Tillyard, 1906) PreviewpreviewColourful Bluetail
106  Pseudagrion aureofrons Tillyard, 1906 PreviewpreviewGold-Fronted Riverdamsel
107  Pseudagrion cingillum (Brauer, 1869)Northern Riverdamsel
108  Pseudagrion ignifer Tillyard, 1906 PreviewpreviewFlame-Headed Riverdamsel
109  Pseudagrion jedda Watson & Theischinger, 1991Dusky Riverdamsel
110  Pseudagrion lucifer Theischinger, 1997Citrine-Headed Riverdamsel
111  Pseudagrion microcephalum (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewBlue Riverdamsel
112  Teinobasis rufithorax (Selys, 1877)Red-Breasted Longtail
113  Xanthagrion erythroneurum (Selys, 1876) PreviewpreviewRed & Blue Damsel
114AnisopteraAustropetaliidaeArchipetalia auriculata Tillyard, 1917 PreviewpreviewTasmanian Redspot
115  Austropetalia patricia (Tillyard, 1910)Waterfall Redspot
116  Austropetalia tonyana Theischinger, 1995Alpine Redspot
117 AeshnidaeAdversaeschna brevistyla (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewBlue-Spotted Hawker
118  Agyrtacantha dirupta (Karsch, 1889)Trifid Duskhawker
119  Anaciaeschna jaspidea (Burmeister, 1839)Australasian Duskhawker
120  Anax georgius Selys, 1872Kimberley Emperor
121  Anax gibbosulus Rambur, 1842Green Emperor
122  Anax guttatus (Burmeister, 1839)Lesser Green Emperor
123  Anax papuensis (Burmeister, 1839) PreviewpreviewAustralian Emperor
124  Austrogynacantha heterogena Tillyard, 1908Australian Duskhawker
125  Gynacantha dobsoni Fraser, 1951 PreviewpreviewLesser Duskhawker
126  Gynacantha kirbyi Krüger, 1898Slender Duskhawker
127  Gynacantha mocsaryi Förster, 1898Paddle-Tipped Duskhawker
128  Gynacantha nourlangie Theischinger & Watson, 1991Cave Duskhawker
129  Gynacantha rosenbergi Kaup, 1867Grey Duskhawker
130 BrachytronidaeDendroaeschna conspersa (Tillyard, 1907)Wide-Faced Darner
131 TelephlebiidaeAcanthaeschna victoria Martin, 1901 PreviewpreviewThylacine Darner
132  Antipodophlebia asthenes (Tillyard, 1916)Terrestrial Evening Darner
133  Austroaeschna anacantha Tillyard, 1908 PreviewpreviewWestern Darner
134  Austroaeschna atrata Martin, 1909Mountain Darner
135  Austroaeschna christine Theischinger, 1993S-Spot Darner
136  Austroaeschna cooloola Theischinger, 1991Wallum Darner
137  Austroaeschna eungella Theischinger, 1993Eungella Darner
138  Austroaeschna flavomaculata Tillyard, 1916Alpine Darner
139  Austroaeschna hardyi Tillyard, 1917Lesser Tasmanian Darner
140  Austroaeschna inermis Martin, 1901Whitewater Darner
141  Austroaeschna ingrid Theischinger, 2008Grampian Darner
142  Austroaeschna muelleri Theischinger, 1982Carnarvon Darner
143  Austroaeschna multipunctata (Martin, 1901)Multi-Spotted Darner
144  Austroaeschna obscura Theischinger, 1982 PreviewpreviewSydney Mountain Darner
145  Austroaeschna parvistigma (Selys, 1883) PreviewpreviewSwamp Darner
146  Austroaeschna pinheyi Theischinger, 2001Inland Darner
147  Austroaeschna pulchra Tillyard, 1909 PreviewpreviewForest Darner
148  Austroaeschna sigma Theischinger, 1982Sigma Darner
149  Austroaeschna speciosa Sjöstedt, 1917Tropical Unicorn Darner
150  Austroaeschna subapicalis Theischinger, 1982 PreviewpreviewConehead Darner
151  Austroaeschna tasmanica Tillyard, 1916Tasmanian Darner
152  Austroaeschna unicornis (Martin, 1901)Unicorn Darner
153  Austrophlebia costalis (Tillyard, 1907)Southern Giant Darner
154  Austrophlebia subcostalis Theischinger, 1996Northern Giant Darner
155  Dromaeschna forcipata (Tillyard, 1907)Green-Striped Darner
156  Dromaeschna weiskei Förster, 1908Ochre-Tipped Darner
157  Notoaeschna geminata Theischinger, 1982Northern Riffle Darner
158  Notoaeschna sagittata (Martin, 1901)Southern Riffle Darner
159  Spinaeschna tripunctata (Martin, 1901)Southern Cascade Darner
160  Spinaeschna watsoni Theischinger, 1982Tropical Cascade Darner
161  Telephlebia brevicauda Tillyard, 1916 PreviewpreviewSouthern Evening Darner
162  Telephlebia cyclops Tillyard, 1916Northern Evening Darner
163  Telephlebia godeffroyi Selys, 1883 PreviewpreviewEastern Evening Darner
164  Telephlebia tillyardi Campion, 1916Tropical Evening Darner
165  Telephlebia tryoni Tillyard, 1917Coastal Evening Darner
166  Telephlebia undia Theischinger, 1985Carnarvon Evening Darner
167 LindeniidaeIctinogomphus australis (Selys, 1873) PreviewpreviewAustralian Tiger
168  Ictinogomphus dobsoni (Watson, 1969) PreviewpreviewPilbara Tiger
169  Ictinogomphus paulini Watson, 1991Cape York Tiger
170 GomphidaeAntipodogomphus acolythus (Martin, 1901)Southern Dragon
171  Antipodogomphus dentosus Watson, 1991Top End Dragon
172  Antipodogomphus edentulus Watson, 1991Cape York Dragon
173  Antipodogomphus hodgkini Watson, 1969Pilbara Dragon
174  Antipodogomphus neophytus Fraser, 1958Northern Dragon
175  Antipodogomphus proselythus (Martin, 1901)Spinehead Dragon
176  Armagomphus armiger (Tillyard, 1913) PreviewpreviewArmourtail
177  Austroepigomphus gordoni (Watson, 1962) PreviewpreviewWestern Red Hunter
178  Austroepigomphus praeruptus (Selys, 1857)Twinspot Hunter
179  Austroepigomphus turneri (Martin, 1901)Flame-Tipped Hunter
180  Austrogomphus amphiclitus (Selys, 1873) PreviewpreviewPale Hunter
181  Austrogomphus angelorum Tillyard, 1913Murray River Hunter
182  Austrogomphus arbustorum Tillyard, 1906Toothed Hunter
183  Austrogomphus australis Dale, 1854Inland Hunter
184  Austrogomphus bifurcatus Tillyard, 1909Dark Hunter
185  Austrogomphus collaris Hagen, 1854 PreviewpreviewWestern Inland Hunter
186  Austrogomphus cornutus Watson, 1991 PreviewpreviewUnicorn Hunter
187  Austrogomphus divaricatus Watson, 1991Fork Hunter
188  Austrogomphus doddi Tillyard, 1909Northern River Hunter
189  Austrogomphus guerini (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewYellow-Striped Hunter
190  Austrogomphus mjobergi Sjöstedt, 1917 PreviewpreviewPimple-Headed Hunter
191  Austrogomphus mouldsorum Theischinger, 1999Kimberley Hunter
192  Austrogomphus ochraceus (Selys, 1869) PreviewpreviewJade Hunter
193  Austrogomphus prasinus Tillyard, 1906Lemon-Tipped Hunter
194  Austrogomphus pusillus Sjöstedt, 1917Tiny Hunter
195  Hemigomphus atratus Watson, 1991Black Vicetail
196  Hemigomphus comitatus (Tillyard, 1909) PreviewpreviewZebra Vicetail
197  Hemigomphus cooloola Watson, 1991Wallum Vicetail
198  Hemigomphus gouldii (Selys, 1854) PreviewpreviewSouthern Vicetail
199  Hemigomphus heteroclytus Selys, 1854 PreviewpreviewStout Vicetail
200  Hemigomphus magela Watson, 1991Kakadu Vicetail
201  Hemigomphus theischingeri Watson, 1991Rainforest Vicetail
202  Odontogomphus donnellyi Watson, 1991Pinchtail
203  Zephyrogomphus lateralis (Selys, 1873) PreviewpreviewLilac Hunter
204  Zephyrogomphus longipositor (Watson, 1991)Rainforest Hunter
205 PetaluridaePetalura gigantea Leach, 1815 PreviewpreviewSouth-Eastern Petaltail
206  Petalura hesperia Watson, 1958 PreviewpreviewWestern Petaltail
207  Petalura ingentissima Tillyard, 1908Giant Petaltail
208  Petalura litorea Theischinger, 1999Coastal Petaltail
209  Petalura pulcherrima Tillyard, 1913Beautiful Petaltail
210 SynthemistidaeArchaeosynthemis leachii (Selys, 1871) PreviewpreviewTwinspot Tigertail
211  Archaeosynthemis occidentalis (Tillyard, 1910)Western Brown Tigertail
212  Archaeosynthemis orientalis (Tillyard, 1910) PreviewpreviewEastern Brown Tigertail
213  Archaeosynthemis spiniger (Tillyard, 1913)Spiny Tigertail
214  Austrosynthemis cyanitincta (Tillyard, 1908) PreviewpreviewTurquoise Tigertail
215  Choristhemis flavoterminata (Martin, 1901) PreviewpreviewYellow-Tipped Tigertail
216  Choristhemis olivei (Tillyard, 1909)Delicate Tigertail
217  Eusynthemis aurolineata (Tillyard, 1913) PreviewpreviewVariable Tigertail
218  Eusynthemis barbarae (Moulds, 1985)Mount Lewis Tigertail
219  Eusynthemis brevistyla (Selys, 1871) PreviewpreviewSmall Tigertail
220  Eusynthemis cooloola Theischinger, 2018Cooloola Tigertail
221  Eusynthemis deniseae Theischinger, 1977Carnavon Tigertail
222  Eusynthemis guttata (Selys, 1871) PreviewpreviewSouthern Tigertail
223  Eusynthemis netta Theischinger, 1999Pretty Tigertail
224  Eusynthemis nigra (Tillyard, 1906)Black Tigertail
225  Eusynthemis rentziana Theischinger, 1998Swift Tigertail
226  Eusynthemis tenera Theischinger, 1995Rainforest Tigertail
227  Eusynthemis tillyardi Theischinger, 1995Mountain Tigertail
228  Eusynthemis ursa Theischinger, 1999Barrington Tigertail
229  Eusynthemis ursula Theischinger, 1998Beech Tigertail
230  Eusynthemis virgula (Selys, 1874)Golden Tigertail
231  Parasynthemis regina (Selys, 1874)Royal Tigertail
232  Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides Tillyard, 1917Tasmanian Spotwing
233  Synthemis eustalacta (Burmeister, 1839) PreviewpreviewSwamp Tigertail
234  Synthemis tasmanica Tillyard, 1910Tasmanian Swamp Tigertail
235  Tonyosynthemis claviculata (Tillyard, 1909)Clavicle Tigertail
236  Tonyosynthemis ofarrelli (Theischinger & Watson, 1986)Slender Tigertail
237 GomphomacromiidaeArchaeophya adamsi Fraser, 1959Horned Urfly
238  Archaeophya magnifica Theischinger & Watson, 1978Magnificent Urfly
239 PseudocorduliidaePseudocordulia circularis Tillyard, 1909Circle-Tipped Mistfly
240  Pseudocordulia elliptica Tillyard, 1913Ellipse-Tipped Mistfly
241 CordulephyidaeCordulephya bidens Sjöstedt, 1917Tropical Shutwing
242  Cordulephya divergens Tillyard, 1917Clubbed Shutwing
243  Cordulephya montana Tillyard, 1911Mountain Shutwing
244  Cordulephya pygmaea Selys, 1870Common Shutwing
245 AustrocorduliidaeApocordulia macrops Watson, 1980Nighthawk
246  Austrocordulia leonardi Theischinger, 1973Sydney Hawk
247  Austrocordulia refracta Tillyard, 1909Eastern Hawk
248  Austrocordulia territoria Theischinger & Watson, 1978Top End Hawk
249  Austrophya mystica Tillyard, 1909Rainforest Mystic
250  Austrophya monteithorum Theischinger, 2019Summit Mystic
251  Hesperocordulia berthoudi Tillyard, 1911 PreviewpreviewOrange Streamcruiser
252  Lathrocordulia garrisoni Theischinger & Watson, 1991Queensland Swiftwing
253  Lathrocordulia metallica Tillyard, 1911Western Swiftwing
254  Micromidia atrifrons (McLachlan, 1883)Forest Mosquitohawk
255  Micromidia convergens Theischinger & Watson, 1978Early Mosquitohawk
256  Micromidia rodericki Fraser, 1959Thursday Island Mosquitohawk
257 MacromiidaeMacromia tillyardi Martin, 1906Australian Cruiser
258  Macromia viridescens Tillyard, 1911Rainforest Cruiser
259 CorduliidaeHemicordulia australiae (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewAustralian Emerald
260  Hemicordulia continentalis Martin, 1907Fat-Bellied Emerald
261  Hemicordulia flava Theischinger & Watson, 1991Desert Emerald
262  Hemicordulia intermedia (Selys, 1871)Yellow-Spotted Emerald
263  Hemicordulia kalliste Theischinger & Watson, 1991Slender Emerald
264  Hemicordulia koomina Watson, 1969 PreviewpreviewPilbara Emerald
265  Hemicordulia superba Tillyard, 1911Superb Emerald
266  Hemicordulia tau (Selys, 1871) PreviewpreviewTau Emerald
267  Metaphya tillyardi Ris, 1913Offshore Emerald
268  Pentathemis membranulata Karsch, 1890Metallic Tigerhawk
269  Procordulia affinis (Selys, 1871)Western Swamp Emerald
270  Procordulia jacksoniensis (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewEastern Swamp Emerald
271 LibellulidaeAethriamanta circumsignata Selys, 1897Square-Spot Basker
272  Aethriamanta nymphaeae Lieftinck, 1949L-Spot Basker
273  Agrionoptera insignis allogenes Tillyard, 1908Red Swampdragon
274  Agrionoptera longitudinalis biserialis Selys, 1879 PreviewpreviewStriped Swampdragon
275  Austrothemis nigrescens (Martin, 1901) PreviewpreviewSwamp Flat-Tail
276  Brachydiplax denticauda (Brauer, 1867) PreviewpreviewPalemouth
277  Brachydiplax duivenbodei (Brauer, 1866)Darkmouth
278  Camacinia othello Tillyard, 1908Black Knight
279  Crocothemis nigrifrons (Kirby, 1894) PreviewpreviewBlack-Headed Skimmer
280  Diplacodes bipunctata (Brauer, 1865) PreviewpreviewWandering Percher
281  Diplacodes haematodes (Burmeister, 1839) PreviewpreviewScarlet Percher
282  Diplacodes melanopsis (Martin, 1901) PreviewpreviewBlack-Faced Percher
283  Diplacodes nebulosa (Fabricius, 1793)Charcoal-Winged Percher
284  Diplacodes trivialis (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewChalky Percher
285  Huonia melvillensis Brown & Theischinger, 1998Forestwatcher
286  Hydrobasileus brevistylus (Brauer, 1865)Water Prince
287  Lathrecista asiatica festa (Selys, 1879) PreviewpreviewAustralian Slimwing
288  Macrodiplax cora (Kaup, 1867) PreviewpreviewWandering Pennant
289  Nannodiplax rubra Brauer, 1868 PreviewpreviewPygmy Percher
290  Nannophlebia eludens Tillyard, 1908Elusive Archtail
291  Nannophlebia injibandi Watson, 1969 PreviewpreviewPilbara Archtail
292  Nannophlebia mudginberri Watson & Theischinger, 1991Top End Archtail
293  Nannophlebia risi Tillyard, 1913Common Archtail
294  Nannophya australis Brauer, 1865Australian Pygmyfly
295  Nannophya dalei (Tillyard, 1908) PreviewpreviewEastern Pygmyfly
296  Nannophya fenshami Theischinger, 2020Artesian Pygmyfly
297  Nannophya occidentalis (Tillyard, 1908)Western Pygmyfly
298  Nannophya paulsoni Theischinger, 2003Scarlet Pygmyfly
299  Neurothemis oligoneura Brauer, 1867Spotted Grasshawk
300  Neurothemis stigmatizans (Fabricius, 1775) PreviewpreviewPainted Grasshawk
301  Notolibellula bicolor Theischinger & Watson, 1977Bicoloured Skimmer
302  Orthetrum balteatum Lieftinck, 1933Speckled Skimmer
303  Orthetrum boumiera Watson & Arthington, 1978Brownwater Skimmer
304  Orthetrum caledonicum (Brauer, 1865) PreviewpreviewBlue Skimmer
305  Orthetrum migratum Lieftinck, 1951 PreviewpreviewRosy Skimmer
306  Orthetrum sabina (Drury, 1770) PreviewpreviewSlender Skimmer
307  Orthetrum serapia Watson, 1984Green Skimmer
308  Orthetrum villosovittatum (Brauer, 1868) PreviewpreviewFiery Skimmer
309  Pantala flavescens (Fabricius, 1798) PreviewpreviewWandering Glider
310  Potamarcha congener (Rambur, 1842)Swampwatcher
311  Raphismia bispina (Hagen, 1867)Spiny-Chested Percher
312  Rhodothemis lieftincki Fraser, 1954 PreviewpreviewRed Arrow
313  Rhyothemis braganza Karsch, 1890Iridescent Flutterer
314  Rhyothemis graphiptera (Rambur, 1842) PreviewpreviewGraphic Flutterer
315  Rhyothemis phyllis (Sulzer, 1776) PreviewpreviewYellow-Striped Flutterer
316  Rhyothemis princeps Kirby, 1894Sapphire Flutterer
317  Rhyothemis resplendens Selys, 1878Jewel Flutterer
318  Tetrathemis irregularis cladophila Tillyard, 1908Rainforest Elf
319  Tholymis tillarga (Fabricius, 1798)Twister
320  Tramea eurybia Selys, 1878Dune Glider
321  Tramea loewii Kaup, 1866Common Glider
322  Tramea propinqua Lieftinck, 1942 PreviewpreviewNorthern Glider
323  Tramea stenoloba (Watson, 1962)Narrow-Lobed Glider
324  Urothemis aliena Selys, 1878Red Baron
325  Zyxomma elgneri Ris, 1913 PreviewpreviewShort-Tailed Duskdarter
326  Zyxomma multinervorum Carpenter, 1897Large Duskdarter
327  Zyxomma petiolatum Rambur, 1842Long-Tailed Duskdarter