Species ordered by scientific name

Our website contains photographs of 133 of the 134 European species: 47 damselfly and 86 (out of the 87) dragonfly species. Click on a name in the list below to see our photographs of that species.

On this page the species are ordered by their scientific names. If you would like to see list with the common names in one of the twelve available languages, click on the corresponding flag below.

#Damselflies (47 species)
1Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis  Preview
2Calopteryx splendens  Preview
3Calopteryx virgo  Preview
4Calopteryx xanthostoma  Preview
5Ceriagrion georgifreyi  Preview
6Ceriagrion tenellum  Preview
7Chalcolestes parvidens  Preview
8Chalcolestes viridis  Preview
9Coenagrion armatum  Preview
10Coenagrion caerulescens  Preview
11Coenagrion hastulatum  Preview
12Coenagrion hylas  Preview
13Coenagrion intermedium  Preview
14Coenagrion johanssoni  Preview
15Coenagrion lunulatum  Preview
16Coenagrion mercuriale  Preview
17Coenagrion ornatum  Preview
18Coenagrion puella  Preview
19Coenagrion pulchellum  Preview
20Coenagrion scitulum  Preview
21Enallagma cyathigerum  Preview
22Epallage fatime  Preview
23Erythromma lindenii  Preview
24Erythromma najas  Preview
25Erythromma viridulum  Preview
26Ischnura elegans  Preview
27Ischnura fountaineae  Preview
28Ischnura genei  Preview
29Ischnura graellsii  Preview
30Ischnura hastata  Preview
31Ischnura intermedia  Preview
32Ischnura pumilio  Preview
33Ischnura saharensis  Preview
34Ischnura senegalensis  Preview
35Lestes barbarus  Preview
36Lestes dryas  Preview
37Lestes macrostigma  Preview
38Lestes sponsa  Preview
39Lestes virens  Preview
40Nehalennia speciosa  Preview
41Platycnemis acutipennis  Preview
42Platycnemis latipes  Preview
43Platycnemis pennipes  Preview
44Pyrrhosoma elisabethae  Preview
45Pyrrhosoma nymphula  Preview
46Sympecma fusca  Preview
47Sympecma paedisca  Preview
#Dragonflies (86 species)
1Aeshna affinis  Preview
2Aeshna caerulea  Preview
3Aeshna crenata  Preview
4Aeshna cyanea  Preview
5Aeshna grandis  Preview
6Aeshna isoceles  Preview
7Aeshna juncea  Preview
8Aeshna mixta  Preview
9Aeshna serrata  Preview
10Aeshna subarctica  Preview
11Aeshna viridis  Preview
12Anax ephippiger  Preview
13Anax immaculifrons  Preview
14Anax imperator  Preview
15Anax parthenope  Preview
16Boyeria cretensis  Preview
17Boyeria irene  Preview
18Brachythemis impartita  Preview
19Brachytron pratense  Preview
20Caliaeschna microstigma  Preview
21Cordulegaster bidentata  Preview
22Cordulegaster boltonii  Preview
23Cordulegaster helladica  Preview
24Cordulegaster heros  Preview
25Cordulegaster insignis  Preview
26Cordulegaster picta  Preview
27Cordulegaster trinacriae  Preview
28Cordulia aenea  Preview
29Crocothemis erythraea  Preview
30Diplacodes lefebvrii  Preview
31Epitheca bimaculata  Preview
32Gomphus graslinii  Preview
33Gomphus pulchellus  Preview
34Gomphus schneiderii  Preview
35Gomphus simillimus  Preview
36Gomphus vulgatissimus  Preview
37Leucorrhinia albifrons  Preview
38Leucorrhinia caudalis  Preview
39Leucorrhinia dubia  Preview
40Leucorrhinia pectoralis  Preview
41Leucorrhinia rubicunda  Preview
42Libellula depressa  Preview
43Libellula fulva  Preview
44Libellula quadrimaculata  Preview
45Lindenia tetraphylla  Preview
46Macromia splendens  Preview
47Onychogomphus costae  Preview
48Onychogomphus forcipatus  Preview
49Onychogomphus uncatus  Preview
50Ophiogomphus cecilia  Preview
51Orthetrum albistylum  Preview
52Orthetrum brunneum  Preview
53Orthetrum cancellatum  Preview
54Orthetrum chrysostigma  Preview
55Orthetrum coerulescens  Preview
56Orthetrum nitidinerve  Preview
57Orthetrum sabina  Preview
58Orthetrum taeniolatum  Preview
59Orthetrum trinacria  Preview
60Oxygastra curtisii  Preview
61Pantala flavescens  Preview
62Paragomphus genei  Preview
63Selysiothemis nigra  Preview
64Somatochlora alpestris  Preview
65Somatochlora arctica  Preview
66Somatochlora borisi  Preview
67Somatochlora flavomaculata  Preview
68Somatochlora meridionalis  Preview
69Somatochlora metallica  Preview
70Somatochlora sahlbergi  Preview
71Stylurus flavipes  Preview
72Sympetrum danae  Preview
73Sympetrum depressiusculum  Preview
74Sympetrum flaveolum  Preview
75Sympetrum fonscolombii  Preview
76Sympetrum meridionale  Preview
77Sympetrum pedemontanum  Preview
78Sympetrum sanguineum  Preview
79Sympetrum sinaiticum  Preview
80Sympetrum striolatum  Preview
81Sympetrum vulgatum  Preview
82Trithemis annulata  Preview
83Trithemis arteriosa  Preview
84Trithemis festiva  Preview
85Trithemis kirbyi  Preview
86Zygonyx torridus  Preview