Cazuma Pincertail (Onychogomphus cazuma)

• English name: Cazuma Pincertail
• German name: Valencia-Zangenlibelle
• French name: N/A
• Dutch name: Cazumatanglibel
• Swedish name: N/A
• Norwegian name: N/A
• Finnish name: N/A
• Danish name: N/A
• Italian name: N/A
• Czech name: N/A
• Slovenian name: N/A
• Bulgarian name: N/A

Cazuma Pincertail (Onychogomphus cazuma)

Not present
Present before 1990
Present after 1990

Present before and after 1990
Present after 2015
Distribution map Onychogomphus cazuma

Map data based on J.-P. Boudot & V. J. Kalkman (eds.),
Atlas of the European Dragonflies and Damselflies

General • a medium-sized black-and-yellow species which is only known from eastern Spain
Classification • suborder: Anisoptera (dragonflies); family: Gomphidae
Conservation status • IUCN Red List Europe: Not Evaluated
Scientific name Onychogomphus cazuma (Barona, Cardo & Díaz, 2020)
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Habitat • rocky streams and small rivers
Dimensions • typical body length: 43-47 mm; hindwing: 25-30 mm
Notes • gomphids are 'sitters': they spend a lot of time perched on rocks and vegetation
Both sexesHead➤ like in all other gomphids, the eyes are widely separated
  • the eyes are typically grey-blue
  ➤ there is a yellow dot on the black vortex
 Thorax➤ the black lines on the side of the thorax are broad and yet they leave a wide antehumeral stripe; they meet the mid-dorsal black stripe
MaleAbdomen➤ the lower appendage has neither subterminal knobs nor subbasal knobs
Photographs • we will publish our photos of the species as soon as possible

We will publish our photographs of this species as soon as possible.