What's New

It's winter here in Europe and so we haven't been able to add any new photographs to our site recently. In fact it will probably be another couple of months before the first damselflies of the new season start making their appearance. But we have made three non-photographic changes which might be of interest to you:

• first of all, we have added a page about the Etymologies of the scientific names of the European genera and species. Studying the history of these scientific names has proved to be a very time-consuming but fascinating task and we hope you will find the result interesting. This new Etymologies page has been added to the Species menu.

• secondly, we have redesigned our 133 species pages to be more systematic and consistent, adding more PhotoTips and LineDrawings and making it easier for you to get a quick overview of the main characteristics of each species.

• and finally, we have updated our area checklists and distribution maps to incorporate 14 new (i.e. post-2015) country records. For more information, see the Area Checklists page.

We hope you appreciate these changes and of course we're always open to comments, feedback and further suggestions via our email address .